Basement to Attic Tour; May 5, 6pm

This popular tour, led by Alan Wigton, starts with the historic grounds around the Cottage, emphasizing the era in which it was built, then proceeds into the basement and throughout the house, ending up in the attic which has its own stories to tell.

Oak Hill tours over the last few years have evolved to delve into all areas of the house. The stanchions and chains are long gone and the docents are knowledgeable. Nevertheless, Alan, who is the de facto director and manager of Oak Hill, has many insights to share through his research and knowledge of the people of Oak Hill and its place in Mansfield’s history.

As part of the RichHistory Weekend events, this tour is offered at $6, half the usual price, but you must pre-register by calling 419-524-1765 and leaving a message. We’ll call you back to confirm. 6pm, Saturday, May 5.



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